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Treat yourself with the taste of our Canned Juices, Canned Soft Drink, Sparkling Juices, juices and non alcoholic beverages that are bursting with flavor and freshness...

About Us

We all hate facing the sweltering heat of the summers, the heat makes us feel tired and down, all of us desperately look for something that can refresh and rejuvenate the body. Even though juices and energy drinks can be enjoyed anytime of the year, but they are much more vital and pleasurable during the summers, they cool the body down and help you relax. We, Proex, are actively involved in the beverages market to provide people drinks of refreshing taste and exotic flavors. As a reputed manufacturer and exporter, we are serving people, high quality tasty beverages like Canned Juices, Canned Soft Drink, Sparkling Juices and other products. Owing to our years of experience and vast knowledge in the field, we have been able to come out with a vast range of well-balanced drinks that are sure to refresh and delight you.

We use advanced methods of production which ensure that all the products that we offer to our customers are unmatched in quality and infused with a blend of various fruits and flavors. We provide various drinks made with the finest ingredients and ensure that all the products will help replenish and refresh your body and mind. Our drinks truly have a taste beyond description and you are sure to savor it in every sip.

Attention to Hygiene

While buying any food or beverage items from the market, the main thing people worry about is the hygiene of the products. We give high attention to the hygiene of our products so that our customers can remain free of any such worries. We use the best quality fruits and ingredients for making all our products, our fruits are procured from the best plantations all across the world. All our products are made in clean conditions, using advanced methods of production and ensuring minimal human touch. Further, in order to maximize levels of hygiene in our facility, all our employees are given caps and gloves to be used during the time quality checking and packaging our products.